Over the past year many faithful members have asked, “When are we going to build?” Many of you told me that it is time to do something.  Several of our ministries are crowded and other desired ministries cannot begin because of lack of space. 


Throughout our church’s history, we have, at the right time, taken necessary steps in faith to expand or add to our facilities, to accommodate those the Lord was leading into our fellowship.  It’s Time, once again to prayerfully consider what God is saying to our church.


Our theme, It’s Time, reflects the sense and leading of God here at First Baptist Church Hayden.  For the past, almost 102 years, we have made a commitment to “Know Him and Make Him Known” throughout our community and the world.  Our track record is unblemished in missional thinking and a desire to bring people under the influence of the gospel.  When necessary we have added ministries, and built the needed facilities to address the growth of our church.  We are now in a position where we once again find It’s Time to build, if we are to continue growing.


Our best estimate currently is that it will cost us between $3 – 4 million to fund the first phase of the long-range plan for our facilities.  As your pastor, I am asking you, not to look at the size of the task but to look to our Big God who delights in us asking great things of him. I want you to pray and ask the Lord, “How can I be a part of this incredible opportunity?”  Our campaign will extend over a three-year period and each of us should prayerfully consider what our part can be.  Please take the time to read the enclosed information, attend our Vision Gathering Service, Sunday morning March 19, and then pray and fast about what the Lord would have you do over the next three years.  The purpose of this service will be to share God’s vision for us as well as answer questions you may have.  Commitments will come later after you have had time to pray and seek God’s will for you and your family regarding this project.


I am asking you to put our Vision Gathering Service on your calendar, Sunday March 19.  Please join my wife, JoAnn, and myself in an extended time of prayer and consideration regarding this important decision.  Over the next few weeks, pray; over the next two months, pray; we want to hear his voice and accept the call of God upon our church, as he declares, once again “It’s Time!”


Bro. Keith